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Watch this walkthrough video where Richard Craig will show you how to oil your clarinet or oboe bore.

Most clarinets and oboes are made of a very dense timber known as Grenadilla or African Blackwood, with a botanical name of Dalbergia melanoxylon.

This timber is so dense it sinks in water and has a very strong resistance to the absorption of moisture. Even so, like all timbers, Grenadilla absorbs and releases moisture in response to environmental changes in humidity, and moisture from the player's breath. The purpose of oiling the bore is to slow this absorption down so that moisture remains evenly distributed throughout the instrument.

Almond oil is highly regarded as the best conditioner for Grenadilla wood. It is all natural, doesn’t leave a residue, and it protects and conditions the wood.

You may read in some blogs that some people don’t recommend the bore should be oiled for various reasons, but we believe that it is better to oil than not to oil. We recommend the use of a clean turkey feather to apply the oil.

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