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10M Fan CHAMELEON Tenor Sax Mouthpiece


This is a POWERHOUSE roll over baffle like nothing in the marketplace.

Full Description

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Full Description

10M Fan saxophone mouthpieces are the brainchild of vintage mouthpiece aficionado, Mark Sepincuk. Every mouthpiecce facing is finished by Brian Powell or Erik Greiffenhagen. Here is what Mark has to say about these beautifully crafted pieces.

This is a POWERHOUSE roll over baffle like nothing in the marketplace. “CHAMELEON”: This is a free blowing powerful rollover baffle mouthpiece designed for my 3rd category, that allows players who don’t get along with step baffle pieces, a real opportunity at finally getting some serious power and volume into their playing with a huge full-bodied sound.

This is a rollover baffle design. It has brights and warmth and fatness depending on the players abilities.

An open canvas of sound opportunities that fits in my 3rd Category so perfectly. Free and powerful with a full-bodied sound top to bottom!

Consortium Music is the Australian distributor of 10M Fan Mouthpieces. We pride ourselves by aligning ourselves with quality artisan craftsman like Mark.


crafted from grade A German hard rubber

Tip Measurements are as follows:

7* - .105
7** - .108
8* - .115
9 - .120

Chameleon tip openings start at 7* to accommodate the chamber and baffle design. People who use a 7 ordinarily will have no trouble on a 7*.

Anthony Greene on the 10MFAN Chameleon mouthpiece. Powerful + vibrant Brecker vibe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these just copies of vintage mouthpieces?

No. 10m Fan mouthpieces are crafted with modern players, modern instruments and a modern sound concept. Mark has taken a lot of inspiration from popular vintage mouthpieces and adapted them to best fit the sound concept of the descriptions. Everyone is copying 'Florida Links', but Mark is taking the qualities of them and making them accessible to all players.

Are there metal models?

Yes, 10m Fan mouthpieces can be made from brass. These are special order and we can quote a special order for you.

Can I test play 10m Fan mouthpieces?

Yes, our shop is open Mon-Fri for anyone to come and test out the range of mouthpieces we have in stock!

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