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Alexander 103 Double Horn


The iconic 103 is the standard in orchestral French horns. Choose either yellow brass, red brass or Hand Hammered to suit your individual sound concept.

Full Description

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Full Description

The world famous Alexander 103 horn was designed in 1907 with the valve system patented in 1909. The most popular Alexander horn, and one of the most popular double horns of all time can be heard throughout the world, including the Berliner Philharmoniker. All Alexander horns are hand-made in Mainz, Germany with flawless workmanship.

The 103 has a light, compact sound, considered the characteristic ‘Alexander sound’. The thumb valve turns only 60° resulting in a short thumb action. The combination of full Bb and F horn offers the musician great flexibility in intonation and tone. Only a screwdriver is needed to adjust the instrument to stand in either Bb or F. All rotors are activated by silent Minibal linkages, therefore no restringing will ever be needed!

You will find Alexander 103 Double Horns in every major symphony orchestra in Australia. Alexander horns are reliable, consistent and versatile enough to play in any major horn section.

Our Alexander 103 horns come in standard models (other variations are available by request also).

103 Yellow Brass: This is the standard iconic 103 that has been produced for over 100 years. The yellow brass alloy is key in giving the 103 a brilliance that is so iconic of German style horns.

103 Hand Hammered: Alexander Hand Hammered bell tails have a consistent thickness in material from the ferrule to the screw, allowing it to resonate evenly and consistently. The Hand Hammering process also work hardens the brass evenly to give a more vibrant resonance with increased colour in the overtones.

103 Red Brass: Red brass has a higher copper content which gives the brass alloy a rich auburn hue. Red brass is traditionally used for its resistance to corrosion and de-zincification but also has a richer, pliability to the sound. It is used in the 103 to give the horn a richer, darker tonal quality.

New horns come with an Alexander case, Alexander mouthpiece, set of Hetman oils/grease and pencil clip.

What’s Included

Handcrafted Alexander Horn
Alexander padded backpack
Hetman Lubricants
Pencil and clip
Mute bag


F/Bb or Bb/F
Bore size: 12,1 mm
Bell flare: 310 mm
Bell throat: Medium
Body size: Medium
Material: Yellow brass or Red Brass
Optional Hand Hammered Bell Tail

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all instruments come with a warranty?

All new instruments come with a minimum 24 month warranty on repairs and we will take care of all servicing and cleaning within the first 12 months upon request. All second hand instruments come with a 6 month guarantee from the date of purchase.

Can you service my instruments?

Consortium Music is owned and operated by a team of specialist Brass and Woodwind repair technicians, we are a full service workshop from general maintenance to major repairs and custom builds. Whether you are local or interstate, we can advise you on the best way to get your instrument here for specialist care.

How much is shipping?

All orders over $100 are shipped free within Australia. Orders less than $100 will be shipped at cost (usually $10-$30) depending on the size of the Australia Post satchel.

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