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Licostini Clarinet Mouthpiece


Alessandro Licostini's flagship range of clarinet mouthpiece. Endorsed locally by Paul Dean and widely used throughout Europe. 5 different sizes and German styles upon request. Unique design and material.

Full Description

Full Product Details

Full Description
You may not have ever heard of A.Licostini clarinet mouthpieces, but I guarantee you have probably heard them being played on many occasions. Alessandro Licostini, professional clarinettist and mouthpiece maker has crated this unique range of mouthpieces with some very special features. There's a reason it takes 6 months to order direct from Alessandro - handcrafted, long lasting and versatile. We keep a constant stock of the common sizes! (See model variants and sizing below)
Licostini Mouthpieces are highly regarded in Italy and across Europe by many orchestral and session musicians. Licostini mouthpieces have been specifically developed for lovers of Buffet professional clarinets. Local clarinettist, composer, head of Winds at Queensland Conservatorium Paul Dean, is a strong advocate for Licostini Mouthpieces.
How are they made?
Each mouthpiece is meticulously hand-made, hand finished and thoroughly tested before being hand signed, packaged and sent directly to us at Consortium Music.
What are the made from?
A.Licostini uses the finest quality Hard Rubber, vulcanised to a smooth consistency and ideal consistency. Every mouthpiece has been hand finished, measured and test played.
Select mouthpieces are made from a 'Techno-polymer' called Ottone that is infused with brass particles. A.Licostini uses this synthetic material because it closely mimics the properties of hard rubber whilst being resistant to heat, pressure and wear from age. Brass particles are added to give the mouthpiece more weight and density. The added weight gives strength and power to the core of the sound and greater control over the tone.
What makes them so different?
A.Licostini mouthpiece are made from a unique material, hand finished and tested rigorously. Alessandro uses a French design with a slightly modified curve on the facing profile. This curve is crucial in facilitating effortless piano in all registers and utlilising the full resonance of the reed.
What Mouthpiece should I choose?
RS: Tip Opening: 100/20 (Similar to Vandoren BD5)
- a lightly conical chamber, large projection and many harmonics
- a robust soloist's mouthpiece
RG: Tip Opening: 100/22 (similar to Vandoren M30)
- a lightly conical chamber - a warm sound with a very clean 'piano'
- the most popular classical symphonic mouthpiece: ease of control over projection and blend
FDC: Tip Opening: 107/19
- a lightly conical chamber
- a  dark and warm sound, suitable and recommended with synthetic reeds
F5: Tip Opening: 114/17
- French Style, conical chamber
- Similar to a Vandoren B40, but takes more air  a warm sound
LN: Tip Opening: 120/20
- a lightly conical chamber
- a large and strong sound, suitable for German Instruments
German designs also available upon request: contact us for availability and lead time. 
G5HR: Tip Opening: 114/21: German Style - cylindrical chamber
G5L: Tip Opening: 119/19: German Style - cylindrical chamber -  a big sound
G5H: Tip Opening: 120 /17:  German Style - cylindrical chamber - a medium tip opening and a dark sound



comfortable ratio of chamber size to tip opening

effortless pp entries every time

robust dense material for long term use

synthetic polymer, non reactive to chemicals, cleaner or heat

What’s Included

Premium handcrafted mouthpiece
velvet mouthpiece pouch

RS: Tip Opening: 100/20
RG: Tip Opening: 100/22
FDC: Tip Opening: 107/19
F5: Tip Opening: 114/17
LN: Tip Opening: 114/20
Licostini RG at Howarth of London

Frequently Asked Questions

What reeds and ligatures work best with Licostini mouthpieces?

Licostini mouthpieces are designed to work well with common Euro/French style reeds. We recommend you use your current reed and ligature setup at first. Most people use Vandoren Traditional, V21, D'addario Reserve or in come cases, Legere Signature. Vandoren Optimum Ligature is a comfortable fit but may people are happy with a Rovner Dark or BG Duo.

Will it take 6 months to get my mouthpiece?

No, we keep a good supply of all the common sizes and reorder stock well in advance. There may be a short wait for German specific sizes.

Can I try before I buy?

YES!! You are always welcome to come into the shop and try the mouthpieces. Alternatively, we can send you a selection of mouthpieces to try and you can return the ones you don't decide to purchase for only the cost of the postage back to Consortium Music.

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