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Bret Gustafson

Bret Gustafson

Bret Gustafson - Brass and Saxophone Repair Specialist has teamed up with Joanne Bridgman Woodwind and Richard Craig Woodwind to form Consortium Music. Expertise in Saxophone and Brass repair and maintenance, Specialist electroplating expertise and metallurgy, custom modification and mouthpiece making.

About Us

Our Services

Specialising in the maintenance, repair and restoration of brass instruments and saxophones


Emergency Repairs

We specialise in emergency brass repairs so if your instrument decides to stop working, or needs an adjustment contact us. Leaky pads, broken springs, binding valves and slides - on the spot assessments.


Full Service

Keep your horn in peak playing condition with regular maintenance. Book in an annual service to take care of all perishable parts, relubrication, regulation and organic build-up.


Complete Overhaul

An overhaul is a full re-pad and re-build of your instrument. It is usually recommended if more than half of your pads are old and/or damaged and need replacing. This can include a full mechanical rebuild, new replacement parts, unique reconstruction to suit your own ergonomics.


Plating Services

We offer a range of plating options to suit musical instrument repair, jewellers, metal crafts and more. Gold, Silver, Copper, Rhodium, Nickel and more. Call or email details for a quote.

"Thanks for everything, you are a real Artist."

Grover Washington Jnr, Saxophonist

About Bret Gustafson

Specialising in the maintenance, repair and restoration of brass instruments. Taking great pride in quality craftsmanship, with an honest and friendly approach.

Originally from DesMoines, Iowa, Bret began his journey into the world of instruments at the age of nine when he received his very first saxophone.

This was the start of a life long passion for music innovation through building and repair of Woodwind and brass instruments. 


Bret Gustafson - 2020


After attending Western Iowa Technical College, Bret began his apprenticeship in ‘Portman’s Music’ , Savanna GA and soon onto ‘The Brass and Woodwind Shop, Pittsburgh PA. Shortly after completing his apprenticeship, Bret set up his own repair shop in Philadelphia, PA, ‘Gustafson Music Services’ . Bret nurtured a well respected business and gained an honorable reputation though his craftsmanship and mild welcoming nature.


Seeking a better quality of life, Bret made the difficult decision to move his young family and little shop in ‘Philly’ to Adelaide, Australia and work with his friend, Simon Clarke at Presto Musical Repairs. After five years at Presto, Bret once again opened a small repair shop, ‘Gustafson Custom Horns’ on the first floor of the Edments Building, just off Rundle Mall. Small in area but a hive of activity like a musician's barbershop where anyone could stop by.

Over the next few years, Gustafson Custom Horns grew with the addition of BJ O'Donovan and subsequently sharing a workshop space with Joanne Bridgman and Richard Craig. Unknowingly,  this was the establishment of Consortium Music. After a short relocation to the Myer Centre in Rundle Mall, Bret and the Consortium Music team continue to grow as an internationally recognised centre for excellence.

As well as fine service and expert advice, Bret has his own range of handcrafted brass mouthpieces under the Gustafson name, with more products soon to come.

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(08) 8117 3238