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10M Fan FIREBALL octagon series Alto Sax Mouthpiece


The latest innovation from 10M Fan: 3-D printed for price with a unique octagonal chamber. An absolutely killer lead alto mouthpiece for the modern player! The vintage Meyer alto guys will go crazy for this piece, because it is a great lead alto mouthpiece with a low baffle that has that classic alto sound… but with extra punch.

Full Description

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Full Description

The most revolutionary and newest proprietary saxophone mouthpiece chamber design in the marketplace

Mark has been passionately working on this concept design for a very long time, and it is with the availability of 3-D printing technology, was able to make this dream come true.10M Fan hard rubber mouthpieces are the finest available in the marketplace, OCTAGON SERIES offers different, original mouthpiece designs for less money as an option for players who can’t afford the hard rubber versions.


An absolutely killer lead alto mouthpiece for the modern player! The vintage Meyer alto guys will go crazy for this piece, because it is a great lead alto mouthpiece with a low baffle that has that classic alto sound… but with extra punch, some brights available, and great altissimo. It is focussed and not intended to be a fatter, more spread sounding alto piece. The sound of this piece will go straight in front of you right back to the back of the room!

For those of you on Meyer-style pieces, who want a little more focus and power, you will love how this piece plays. It’s got a ton of depth and colour, a solid core, and it stays incredibly stable even as you push it to the extremes. A rock-solid core and very balanced sound. It’s so much fun to play!

The vintage Meyer and Brilhart players will LOVE this, but it’s really going to please players who are using a TON of different alto mouthpieces. This “FIREBALL” mouthpiece has a low baffle. It just plays great for classic jazz, or modern music!


First off, my pieces are all original designs that offer my proprietary octagon chamber with chamber panels. 2nd, these pieces have REAL weight to them! They actually weigh MORE than my German bar stock hard rubber mouthpieces! They are made with 100% infill so they are stable and solid. That was super important to me. 3rd, they are hand finished by two of the best and most respected refacers out there, Mr. Brian Powell and Mr. Erik Greiffenhagen. That was super important to me, because the mouthpieces play properly that way….plain and simple! The tables are flat, and the rails are symmetrical and measure properly. The baffles are hand worked so that the pieces play their best. We do not remove all the 3-D printed lines on the inside floor of the mouthpiece because there is no need to remove more material when the pieces play perfect, after they are hand finished. To continue to grind the floor makes no sense, so we don’t do that. Next, what is the price. You cannot buy original design mouthpieces with this octagon chamber and chamber panels that are hand finished by Brian and Erik, anywhere. If you know anything about mouthpiece design, most of the magic happens at the chamber!!!

These are mouthpieces using state of the art 3-D technology and design. These are not done on cheap home machines. Again, we use 100% infill with the mouthpieces for ultimate stability…NO shortcuts! These mouthpieces have real weight, a truly unique octagon chamber with “chamber panels” all around on the inside of the chamber, and are 100% infill, so they are stable. This proprietary design concept has never been done in the mouthpiece world, and it continues to carry on with my 10MFAN design commitment to innovation over imitation.


OCTAGON SERIES mouthpieces are all rollover baffle designs for everyone to enjoy. A lot of players don’t like step baffles. The designs of these mouthpieces are so unique on the outside and inside just wait till you feel how the sidewalls and floor go into the chamber with the “chamber panels”. It’s never been done before in the mouthpiece world, and these two models are just INCREDIBLE. These models were designed for something very specific and definitely worth a try!


The design of the outside and inside of the mouthpieces are completely original. They have a very modern look to them.


Hand finishing is VERY VERY VERY important for quality control! 3-D printed pieces often do not have flat tables or proper facing curves without being hand finished. The great Brian Powell and Erik Greiffenhagen do all of the hand finishing on the current HR 10MFAN mouthpieces, and that will continue with the Octagon Series. The tables will be flat and the facing curves will measure properly. On 3-D printed mouthpieces, you will see the lines of filament because that’s how they are built. These pieces aren’t polished or painted. They are matte black, and the rails and tables and baffles are perfect. PLEASE ALWAYS USE A TOOTH PATCH - it will maintain integrity of the tip for long term use. 


The problem with many 3-D printed mouthpieces, is they just don’t have the resonance that players are looking for, and many sound so thin and one-dimensional. Mark tried a ton of different material options, baffles, chambers, floor heights, and a bunch of other variables to make sure the Octagon Series had that depth and resonance we seek as players. The sound is rich, resonant, and has tons of depth and colour. There will be a proper balance of low’s, mid’s, and high’s in each model, according to the desired performance of each model.


The Octagon Series will use standard ligatures, so the choices will be over abundant for all the players out there. The alto piece will use ligatures that fit hr Meyer-type pieces, and the tenor piece will use ligatures that fit HR Link-type pieces.

Consortium Music is the Australian distributor of 10M Fan Mouthpieces. We pride ourselves by aligning ourselves with quality artisan craftsman like Mark.


Tip measurements are as follows

5 - .072
6 - .078
7 - .084
8 - .090

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these just copies of vintage mouthpieces?

No. 10m Fan mouthpieces are crafted with modern players, modern instruments and a modern sound concept. Mark has taken a lot of inspiration from popular vintage mouthpieces and adapted them to best fit the sound concept of the descriptions. Everyone is copying 'Florida Links', but Mark is taking the qualities of them and making them accessible to all players.

Are there metal models?

Yes, 10m Fan mouthpieces can be made from brass. These are special order and we can quote a special order for you.

Can I test play 10m Fan mouthpieces?

Yes, our shop is open Mon-Fri for anyone to come and test out the range of mouthpieces we have in stock!

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