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Bob Reeves Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece - Large Shank


Bob Reeves / Brass Ark Large Shank Tenor Trombone mouthpieces come in a variety of versatile sizes, profiles and finishes. Endorsed by artists worldwide including Jay Friedman and David Rejano. **LIMITED STOCK**

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Full Description

Bob Reeves has teamed up with Noah Gladstone from Brass Ark to produce a comprehensive range of quality handmade mouthpieces. Bob Reeves mouthpieces are used worldwide by some of the biggest names in the business.

Every Bob Reeves mouthpiece is precision machined and hand cut for unmatched playability and response. Bob Reeves uses high quality machining brass to match the pure and durable Gold and Silver finishes on all their mouthpieces.

Bob Reeves Brass Ark Large Shank Tenor Trombone mouthpieces come in a variety of popular models:

  • Clarke 6.5AL-L, one or two piece, large shank, 25.35mm rim, medium cup
  • 5GS, two piece only, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium cup. A brighter and smaller version of our standard 5G. Has a more shallow cup, tighter throat and special backbore. Extremely efficient large bore mouthpiece
  • 5G “Gladstone“, one or two piece, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium deep cup. Special backbore with a “J” throat. Gives a touch more resistance than a standard 5G.
  • 5G, one or two piece, large shank, 25.55mm rim, medium deep cup
  • 4G, one or two piece large shank 26mm rim, deep cup
  • 5G-4G, two piece large shank, 25.55mm rim, deep cup
  • 4G-5G, two piece large shank, 26mm rim, med. deep cup

David Rejano Signature Mouthpieces

  • DR TORO: 25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Standard Blank, shallow 5GS style cup
  • DR ORCH: 25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Standard Blank, 5GS style cup
  • DR SOLO: 25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Mercury Blank, Clarke-style cup
  • DR DINO:  (euphonium)25.55mm Clarke-style rim, Mercury Blank, 5GS style cup

Jay Friedman Signature Mouthpieces

  • Jay Friedman Signature, two piece large shank Friedman Rim Based On A Bach 3G, Special V Cup And Backbore. As Used By Jay Friedman Of The Chicago Symphony. Mercury Blank Only.
  •  4G/JF, two piece large shank 26mm Rim, Special V Cup And Backbore, Mercury Blank Only
  •  5G/JF, two piece large shank 25.55mm Rim, Special V Cup And Backbore, Mercury Blank Only

Each model is available in Gold or Silver Plated finish (Gold rim upon request). There are two outer profiles available 'Standard Blank' or 'Mercury Blank'. Most models have a designated profile, if you are unsure or want some more information, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all instruments come with a warranty?

All new instruments come with a minimum 24 month warranty on repairs and we will take care of all servicing and cleaning within the first 12 months upon request. All second hand instruments come with a 6 month guarantee from the date of purchase.

Can you service my instruments?

Consortium Music is owned and operated by a team of specialist Brass and Woodwind repair technicians, we are a full service workshop from general maintenance to major repairs and custom builds. Whether you are local or interstate, we can advise you on the best way to get your instrument here for specialist care.

How much is shipping?

All orders over $100 are shipped free within Australia. Orders less than $100 will be shipped at cost (usually $10-$30) depending on the size of the Australia Post satchel.

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