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Holton Farkas French Horn Mouthpieces


Holton French horn mouthpieces have been an industry standard for many years now. Perfect for students and professionalys alike. Gold Plated options avaialble too.

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Full Description

The Holton Farkas French Horn Mouthpieces in Silver, developed in cooperation with famed player Phillip Farkas, offer the extra range, power and tonal colour that have made them so popular among professionals. Available in Silver and Gold Plate.

SC - shallow cup - medium-wide rim - Cup ID 16.87mm (.664") - Cup OD 24.80mm (.977") - Throat 4.32mm (.170")
Extremely clear high register with clean attacks. Ringing tone but not shrill. Excellent for high baroque music or extremely high technical passages.

MC - medium cup - medium-wide rim - cup ID16.81mm (.662") - cup OD 25.20mm (.992")- Throat 4.62mm (.182")
No extreme features. Round, ringing tone with a touch of velvet in all registers. Well suited for all-around symphony or solo playing. A very popular model.

MDC - medium-deep cup - medium-wide rim - cup ID 16.21mm (.638") - cup OD 24.33mm (.958") - throat 4.62mm (.182")
Sensitive yet comfortable. Good response in entire range. For players who desire a slightly darker tone than that of the SC or MC models. Slightly narrower rim than SC or MC models.

DC - deep cup - medium rim - cup ID 17.07mm (.672") - cup OD 24.64mm (.970") - throat 4.83mm (.190")
Produces very clean attacks and a large resonant but velvety tone. Popular with both high and low horn players because it plays well in all registers.

VDC - very deep cup - narrow rim - rim ID 16.71mm (.658") - rim OD 23.16mm (.912") - throat 5.23mm (.206")
Large teutonic tone. This basically dark tone is very helpful for the player who has a too-bright tone since it mellows the tone significantly. For the robust mature player.

XDC - extra-deep cup - medium-narrow rim - rim ID 16.94mm (.667") - rim OD 24.20mm (.953") - rim OD 5.23mm (.206")
Extremely deep cup and very large bore produces a rich, heroic tone. Superior mouthpiece for the player who wishes to play in the grand manner of the "Helden" horn players. Also produces a soft and mellow tone for the player who might have a naturally bright or shrill tone. The depth of this cup will mellow even the hardest, overly brilliant tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all instruments come with a warranty?

All new instruments come with a minimum 24 month warranty on repairs and we will take care of all servicing and cleaning within the first 12 months upon request. All second hand instruments come with a 6 month guarantee from the date of purchase.

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Consortium Music is owned and operated by a team of specialist Brass and Woodwind repair technicians, we are a full service workshop from general maintenance to major repairs and custom builds. Whether you are local or interstate, we can advise you on the best way to get your instrument here for specialist care.

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