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Mercer & Barker "TIM BUZBEE" Tuba Mouthpiece Series


Tim Buzbee has worked closely with Mercer & Barker to create a signature line of mouthpieces. Designed for the modern professional and built for power and precision!

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Full Description

Mercer & Barker Ltd was created as a company and launched in the Autumn of 2019 and is the brainchild of Carl Mercer and George Barker, a collaboration of two Tuba players and friends striving to design, develop and create brass instrument mouthpieces of the highest quality using the best of British precision engineering.

These mouthpieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but have been developed and designed to improve core sound, adaptability and secure intonation across all registers. Melbourne Symphony Tubist, Tim Buzbee has developed a signature range of mouthpieces. These have been thoroughly tested with large gear in a large orchestra. Anyone who knows Tim is well aware that there is no substitution for MAXIMUM POWER and unflappable consistency.

Mercer & Barker Tim Buzbee Tuba mouthpiece Series come in a variety of sizes.:

MBUZ2 -Medium weight version of the MBUZ6 Goliath with a slightly flatter rim allowing for greater flexibility and response, producing a more direct sound.
Cup: 33.5mm Throat: 8.30mm Deep Cup

MBUZ3 -Slightly smaller cup diameter that the MBUZ2. Flatter rim than the MB range for a quicker response and direct tone.
Cup: 33.2 mm Throat: 8.3mm Deep Cup

MBUZ4 -The MBUZ 4 is based on the MBUZ6 in style and dimensions but with a greater reduction in weight. This certainly does pack a punch giving rapid response, flexibility and articulation. a direct sound is created to help project over the Orchestra or Band.
Cup: 33.50mm Throat: 8.30mm Deep Cup

MBUZ5 LONE STAR - Tim's F Tuba masterpiece. Designed for flexibility and control without sacrificing sound quality and intonation. Exacting specifications dial this mouthpiece in and work well with larger F and Eb tubas.
Cup: 33.5mm Rim: 8.15mm Throat: 8.20mm

MBUZ6 GOLIATH - The MBUZ Goliath MB6 is the largest tuba mouthpiece in the Mercer and Barker range boasting a 33.50mm cup diameter, a 7.75mm Rim and a throat of 8.30mm. This is a large heavy weight mouthpiece that will rattle the foundations of any concert hall, extremely comfortable rim that helps reduce lip fatigue, produces incredible dark sonorous tones especially in the lower register.
Cup: 33.50mm Rim: 7.75mm Throat: 8.30mm

Many of the UK’s top musicians have tried and tested our product and the reviews speak for themselves, our only wish is to develop our mouthpieces even further adding to the range over the coming months and years, our goal is to become a leading brand of brass instrument mouthpieces that are readily available to all brass musicians and working closely with our fellow professionals and customers ensure all your mouthpiece requirements are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all instruments come with a warranty?

All new instruments come with a minimum 24 month warranty on repairs and we will take care of all servicing and cleaning within the first 12 months upon request. All second hand instruments come with a 6 month guarantee from the date of purchase.

Can you service my instruments?

Consortium Music is owned and operated by a team of specialist Brass and Woodwind repair technicians, we are a full service workshop from general maintenance to major repairs and custom builds. Whether you are local or interstate, we can advise you on the best way to get your instrument here for specialist care.

How much is shipping?

All orders over $100 are shipped free within Australia. Orders less than $100 will be shipped at cost (usually $10-$30) depending on the size of the Australia Post satchel.

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