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THUMBPORT II flute thumb support *new generation*


Thumbport II  - the latest generation of flute ergonomic support. Suitable for students, professionals and casual players. Used worldwide, convenient and easily installed. 4 great colours!

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Full Description

Introducting the THUMBPORT II - the next generation in ergonomic supports for flute. Thumbport II offers a lowered docking angle and a thicker profile for added support and grip. Thumbport II comes in 4 great colours.

Being made from a round tube, the flute tends to roll while being played, and has inherent balance issues. The Thumbport II counters the rolling, and helps establish a stable three-point balance support system freeing the musician from the effort of trying to physically control the instrument. The stability gained when using a Thumbport II will help the musician produce a better and more consistent sound, and will aid in improved facility while reducing stress on fingers, hands and arms.

  • improves ergonomics
  • no permanent alterations to the flute
  • easily transferrable from flute to flute
  • thicker porting surface and raised port area from the OG Thumbport

Before installing the Thumbport for the first time, wipe off the area with rubbing alcohol. This will reduce the likelihood of the Thumbport moving when in use. Because the contact surface is made of a soft plastic, it does not slide easily once in place on a clean surface. Snap the Thumbport onto the flute at around the F key where you would normally rest your thumb.

Thumbport Demonstration Video

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Do all instruments come with a warranty?

All new instruments come with a minimum 24 month warranty on repairs and we will take care of all servicing and cleaning within the first 12 months upon request. All second hand instruments come with a 6 month guarantee from the date of purchase.

Can you service my instruments?

Consortium Music is owned and operated by a team of specialist Brass and Woodwind repair technicians, we are a full service workshop from general maintenance to major repairs and custom builds. Whether you are local or interstate, we can advise you on the best way to get your instrument here for specialist care.

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All orders over $100 are shipped free within Australia. Orders less than $100 will be shipped at cost (usually $10-$30) depending on the size of the Australia Post satchel.

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